Here are the Top Colleges and Universities in New Jersey

Wondering why you should choose New Jersey as your new residence for your college years? You aren’t alone. However, with top schools such as Princeton, an Ivy League institution, and two different tech centers–New Jersey Institute of Technology and Stevens Institute of Technology–this state is definitely geared toward the success of college students. Also, the beach is just a short trip away and a few of the biggest cities in the nation are nearby–many within driving distance. Some of the top colleges and universities to consider in New Jersey can be found here.

Princeton University: Princeton, New Jersey

Even though this is the fourth oldest college in the U.S., originally chartered in 1746, this University is definitely not resting on its laurels. In fact, the school is known as a leading center for research with the graduate programs, without neglecting any of the undergraduates on campus. It has a commitment to excellence and only a seven percent acceptance rate; however, 97 percent graduation rate. However, this college doesn’t come cheap, so it is a good idea to have funding in place if considering going here.

Stevens Institute of Technology: Hoboken, New Jersey

This College has made a name for itself as being on of the strongest research colleges in the nation. With projects in research ranging from finance to healthcare, this location is definitely considered a leader in innovation. Getting in can be difficult, with less than half of all applicants being accepted; however, those who do make the cut will receive unparalleled support and an 80 percent graduation rate.

The College of New Jersey: Township, New Jersey

There are many colleges that just specialize in a few fields; however, The College of New Jersey offers students a first-rate education in a number of different disciplines. It has a graduation rate of 87 percent and allows those majoring in liberal arts to surround themselves with other like-minded students. Also, with a 289 acre campus, students are bound to get plenty of fresh air and exercise walking from class to class.

Rutgers University Newark: Newark, New Jersey

Found in the heart of the biggest city in New Jersey, Rutgers University in Newark provides students with the chance to pursue higher education all while taking advantage of everything this city has to offer. The inclusive student body makes this college a leader in religious, ethnic and racial diversity and boasts a staff of more than 600 bodies. This is also one of the most affordable colleges in New Jersey, which makes it even more appealing for students.

Rowan University: Glassboro, New Jersey

The college, formerly known as Glassboro State College, received an amazing opportunity and name change in 1992 when Henry Rowan donated a total of $100 million to the institution. This allowed the college to morph into one of the best universities in the entire state of New Jersey. Not only is it a great college, it is also recognized by the EPA due to its environmental sustainability methods it has in place.

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