Request for Comments: New Jersey Professional Licensing

Person getting a license

We are asking for public comment about the possibility of setting up courses to help individuals get licensed to sell insurance in NJ and across the country.  We are looking into how to get accredited by the state but are very early in the process.  Would you even be interested? There are new products to tackle baby boomers needs like hybrid LTC, and many other things.

New Jersey is blessed with colleges and Universities such as Princeton and we are trying to connect students and recent graduates with a job opportunity in the financial field of retirement planning and insurance.  There is a huge segment of our population, Baby Boomers, who have begun to retire and will continue to retire and need help planning for their financial future.

Potential Courses

Educational courses themed with senior and retirement planning could help train the next generation of financial professionals in New Jersey and other New England states could also be a huge job creator.  

The educational course will focus on the fact people are living longer and the need for year and years of financial planning will be critical in helping the Baby Boomers not outlive their money.  Retirement planning tools such as annuities which will guarantee an income for life or hybrid Long Term Care Insurance which will pay for the high cost of needing long term care in a nursing home or pay a life insurance tax free death benefit if care is never needed. According to HybridLTC, a clearinghouse for these types of policies, this market segment is growing quickly.

The insurance product are sophisticated and can be complex so an educational course that can help get bright students licensed to sell insurance in New Jersey and News York will be a huge boon for seniors in that area and across the country. Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance for example has five different moving parts and their are a dozen or so insurance companies that sell a hybrid long term care plan and each company‚Äôs product is a bit different.  

Having educational courses designed to properly train students how to sell hybrid long term care insurance and annuities will be critical to helping New Jersey residents age gracefully and in style.  Keep an eye on this site for more updates on these educational courses as we get them on the books.